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Methylation Biomarker Discovery Engine

In cancers, the phenomenon of DNA methylation usually occurs in regulatory regions of genes, especially in tumor-suppressing genes, and induces gene silencing.
Using this phenomenon, we have developed our own DNA Methylation Biomarker Discovery Engine (MethylCovery), which is able to more effectively discover new high-potential DNA methylation biomarkers for early cancer detection. This engine makes up an important part of our know-how.
This engine brings together 1) a combination of comprehensive DNA microarray technology and Methyl-DNA Capture™, which is a unique technique for selective capturing of methylated DNA, and ii) i-MAGIC (Identification of Methylation Associated Genes Inactivated in Cancer), a comprehensive analysis technology that is able to indirectly discover genes whose expression is reduced due to methylation in cancers.
We have used our biomarker candidate discovery engine to successfully discover new methylation biomarkers for early cancer detection specific to CRC, bladder cancer, and lung cancer, etc., and have accumulated years of research experience, expertise, and know-how in validating the effectiveness of biomarkers through clinical translational research with expert clinical teams.

Linear Target Enrichment ? Quantitative Methylation-Specific PCR (LTE-qMSP)

We have developed in-house and possess technology (LTE-qMSP) for the selective amplification and measurement of methylated biomarker DNA, which exists in minute amounts in liquid biopsy samples, while maintaining high sensitivity and specificity.

  • Used in early cancer detection products for CRC (stool), bladder cancer (urine), and lung cancer (blood).