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Genomictree (228760 KOSDAQ)

was founded in 2000 and listed in KOSDAQ (Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotation) in 2019 and has been specialized in developing non-invasive molecular diagnostics for the early detection of cancers and multiplex detection of infectious diseases. Genomictree focuses on identifying candidates of DNA methylation biomarkers through a genomic scale methylation-biomarker discovery tool and developing methylation biomarkers for early cancer detection using a sensitive methylation-detection technology. With our own proprietary open platforms, Allele Specific Reactive Primer (ASRP)-mediated PCR being designed for highly enhanced allele specific DNA target amplification and Linear Target Enrichment (LTE) mediated PCR we are competitively developing various molecular diagnostic test for the companion diagnostics of cancers and infectious diseases. Our strategy for development and commercialization of early cancer detection technology involves: 1) Efficient discovery of methylation biomarkers using our own biomarker discovery engine, 2) establishment of clinical evidence for early cancer diagnosis to acquire intellectual property rights, 3) development of accurate measuring techniques that are able to detect biomarkers in bodily fluids (liquid biopsy), while maintaining high sensitivity and specificity, and 4) validation of clinical effectiveness and utility with bodily fluids. Additionally, utilizing ASRP-designed and LTE-PCR we develop multiplex PCR technologies enable rapid detection and identification of multiple human pathogens in clinical specimens. We will enter the global market with novel biomarker-based molecular diagnostics for the early detection of cancers and multiplexed PCR tool for detection of infectious diseases, and establish a sustainable growth model to become a leading company in early diagnosis of cancer.

  • Non-invasive molecular tests using DNA methylation biomarkers
  • Multiplex Detection
  • Multiple Genotyping in a Single Reaction
  • Companion Diagnostics
  • Multiplex Assay of Infectious Diseases




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